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How to write an ad correctly

How to write an ad correctly, as you know, the engine of trade, but how tired of these leaflets in mailboxes, these messages sent to an email address, these strips in Newspapers. That’s right, but when we need a product, we first remember what we were heavily advertised, right? So the advertising activity fulfills its function, that’s for sure. But how do you make sure that your ad is not lost among hundreds of similar others. Try using techniques that will help draw attention to your ad.

1. Target direction.

Your offer may be interesting to some groups of people, but for others it may not be of any interest at this time. For example: “Educational games for your baby” – this ad is unlikely to be interesting to young people of school age. Or “Discounts on entry to the night club” Atlanta” for all, for the whole of March ” – will not appeal to pensioners.

Choose your target audience that is interested in your product or service, and contact them. Come up with a bright and catchy headline for your ad message.

2. Emotional nature.

A boring and ordinary ad will not surprise anyone, and the attention of customers, thus, you are unlikely to be able to attract. With the help of your advertising, the buyer should have a soul to sing, try to appeal to the feelings of customers, Wake up their desires. It is important to add an emotional note to your offer, which will help to encourage the client’s desire to purchase your product.

For example: “we have a new delivery of goods in the store, there are dresses, blouses, and trousers on sale.” Or an ad like this: “Only here you can find the dress of your dreams that will help turn your whole life around.” Which store would you go to?

3. Client feedback.

If your ad contains reviews from grateful customers, the credibility of your offer will increase several times. People are tired of false promises, of disappointments, so give them a fairy tale, let them believe in it. Are you confident in your product or service? So prove it to your potential customers.

4. Guarantees.

All people, without exception, do not want to give their money just like that. People demand quality assurance for a service or product. In advertising, you have to give them that confidence. The main criteria for this item are: honesty, firmness, and reliability.

For example: “the Store gives a guarantee for all household appliances, moreover, if you find the same product cheaper, we will drop the price even lower.”

5. Exact address.

Oddly enough, many ads do not have an address. And where should people go? Will they scour the city for your marriage office? Unlikely.

Enter the address, phone number, website address, in a word, all possible information for customers.

6. Specific proposal.

Specify why the buyer should come to your communication center, and not to the next one. For example: “In our salon, we will give you 10 free minutes of conversation.” Or this PostScript: “Buying a refrigerator in our store, we will give you a Hairdryer as a gift.”

Use these recommendations, and your ad will be the most convincing and vivid!


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