How to find an investor

How to privatize an apartment
How to privatize quarterpiece apartments in the property by the state is only possible if the tenants (all adult family members, including absent) agree that have the right to reside…

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How to create your own business
How to create your biznespress the years when in the country there was a great demand for almost all. You could start and develop your business without having your own…

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Is it possible to cancel the contract of sale of an apartment, if it was already signed
Is it possible to cancel the contract of sale of an apartment if it has already been signed? often people who are forced to sell or buy real estate on…

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All about property insurance

Everything about real estate insurance is perceived as a derivative of the word insurance. In fact, this is protection. From this point of view, you should approach the issue of real estate insurance. When purchasing real estate on the secondary market, no one can guarantee that the transaction is 100% clean. Even after a few years, relatives of the former owners of the apartment may show up and present their claims.

In such cases, insurance companies offer “Title insurance”. It will protect against the risk of loss of property, in case of loss of ownership rights to the purchased property. Continue reading

How to enter into a lease agreement

How to enter into a lease agreement correctly there are some risks for both the landlord and the renter. In order to avoid fraud, conflicts and all sorts of unpleasant situations, you should make a lease agreement that will regulate the relationship of the parties. With a properly executed contract, you can assert your rights in the event of disputes, including in court.

Before entering into a lease agreement, it is necessary to check the documents of the landlord and his ownership of the premises-the certificate, the contract of sale. Continue reading

How to rent an apartment without risk

How to rent an apartment without riskasdacha your apartment for rent is a serious matter and requires attention and caution. Ideally, rent an apartment to relatives or some friends. Although relatives are different and the consequences of their stay in the apartment, too,and with payment can be problems. But strangers are even more difficult. In order not to stay at the broken trough, first you need to decide how to search for a tenant – with the help of a realtor or independently.

If the search will take place on their own, then first of all you need to get acquainted with the market offers. Continue reading

How to start a realtor’s business

As to the agent start your to bisnesnya a new job is not always easy. This is no secret to anyone. Most of all there are problems if you start your own business.

In this article, I want to talk about such a business as real estate. This business thrives when there are many customers.

But what to do if you started from scratch and the client base is not yet developed. Where to look for those who sell and those who buy? I must say, if you want to become a realtor, then become and do not throw everything at once. Continue reading

Success factors in small businesses

One of the most important factors for business success is planning. This is probably the most important factor. Any business should start with the development of a plan. Any plan should be as accurate as possible, taking into account all possible deviations. When you look at it in detail, it becomes clear what you need to succeed in business. It is necessary to analyze the activities of competitors, to identify both positive and negative nuances of their work. Analyzing someone else’s work, you should identify what you can learn from them, what needs to be improved and what can be implemented in your business.

So organize the work so that each employee feels responsible for their work. Continue reading

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